Title: Éclaircies

Developer: Simon Chauvin

Based in: Paris (France)

Release Date: Spring 2021

Platforms: Windows / MacOS / Linux

Website: www.simonchauvin.com/eclaircies/

Contact: contact@simonchauvin.com


Éclaircies is an exploration game, a walking and running simulation as well as a racing game set in a vast generated forest. It's a game about getting lost in a foreign place and slowly learning to make it more identifiable and comforting. It is also an experiment on movement and the feeling of movement in first person games, using only two keys Éclaircies allows players to move around in a very unique and immersive way. Finally, Éclaircies is also an alternative racing game in which players can actually create the tracks they will have to follow to get out of the forest.


Éclaircies started in late 2018 as a simple one week project for the 7 day FPS and PROCJAM game jams to try a different approach on first person controllers. It slowly started to become a much more important endeavor as I kept coming back to it because its core principles resonated with me personally and also represented a major technical challenge. A large part of 2019 was thus dedicated to studiying forests, designing the overarching structure of the game and making the necessary optimizations required to allow a vast and dense forest to be streamed in real time.


Simon Chauvin: Design, Art and Code

Marie Muller: Sound design




Download all gifs & screenshots as .zip


Contact: contact@simonchauvin.com

Website: www.simonchauvin.com

Twitter: @SimonChauvin