Simon Chauvin | IN BETWEEN | Ludum Dare #30

Press F for fullscreen.

Hi, World Synchronizer.
Your mission is to synchronize worlds.
To achieve that you must first bring the monoliths to the worlds that need to be synchronized by entering the monoliths and applying vertical synchronization.
Then, through rotational and vertical synchronization you will be able to bring back the monoliths (now injected of the substance of the worlds to synchronize) together in order to finalize the synchronization.
But be careful not to create instability between the worlds.

Good luck.

Press F for fullscreen when playing through the web player.
Esc to regain focus when playing through the web player.
ZQSD for moving.
Entering monoliths once prepares them to be lifted up in the top world.
Entering monoliths twice prepares them to be lifted down in the bottom world.
Left/Right click to lift monoliths up and down.
E/Q to rotate worlds for syncing monoliths from different worlds.