Welcome to Wave Me's official website.

Wave Me is a video game made during our first year at ENJMIN, the Graduate School of Games and Interactive Media, France.


Wave Me is an action video game allowing you to play as a sound wave across different levels. In order to get through the game you need to use some of the sound wave properties which are rebounds and wavelength. Each bounce allows you to modify your trajectory but reduces the life of the sound wave. The gameplay is optimization-based in the way that the more you play the less you waste life on rebounds. A novice will get an intense action game while the experienced one will enjoy a more peaceful experience.

Wave Me is a control oriented experience, the player is faced with a totally different way of moving, he is not only asked to master the rigidity of the wave but also to anticipate and optimize every trajectory by minimizing the bounces executed to get through the game. The player is at first surprised and even frustrated until he understands that using bounces is the key to enjoy and get all Wave Me has to give in terms of fun and actions melted with quiet mastery. Even though the gameplay is easily understandable and the controls are quick to get used to, the mastery of the system is something not intuitive at all. Intuitiveness is something that Wave Me abort totally, the intuitive aspect of the game is gained through mastery of the control system.


Alban ChagnoleauDeveloper
Simon ChauvinGame Designer
Germain MazacDeveloper
Benjamin MichenaudSound Designer
Charles MounalProducer
Simon RollandGraphic Designer

To contact us, please e-mail us at Wave Me Team.